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Performing Arts & Fashion

- Family Friendly

Looking for a special performance that can only be found in Singapore? Voyage de la Vie is definitely the one that you are looking for.

Brief Introduction:
Voyage de la Vie tells the story about a boy’s desire to find meaning and fulfillment leads him to enter the hidden depths of the world around him. Throughout his journey, the boy learns lessons of life with an enthralling cast of characters that break the boundaries of his imagination.

Voyage de la Vie is specially shown at Resort World Sentosa. This 90-minute production is designed by Mark Fisher, the man behind the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony and Cirque du Soleil's "KÁ" in Las Vegas. He has crafted a show that celebrates Singapore's unique East-meets-West culture, a combination of circus artistry, gymnastic feats, and dazzling costumes, including an original score from Singaporean composer Jonathan Lim.
You can expect a lot from this event that is promoting the Singapore's Arts sector. The stunning set that creates the backdrop will leave you to stare in awe as the performers appears one by one creating an appearance you will never forget. The scenes are breathtaking and leaves you to anticipates what will be coming up next!

There would also be one scene where you will get a close encounter with death. But fret not, your safety is guaranteed with the highly skilled performers. Audiences will be thrilled as the character Death aims 12 crossbows at different directions, shooting one after another and have the last arrow shot through an apple at the top of his head. This will gives the audience a lesson on how thin a line is between life and death. Through this event, you will learn many precious lessons that is portrayed through a show filled with melodious music and heart stopping acts. Ths show is all about achieving the impossibles.

If you are afraid of getting too bored after a while, i assure you that thought will never occur in your mind. The performers would at times immerse themselves within the audience and get the audience to involve in the performance too.

Where: Festive Grand, Resort World Sentosa

When is it shown: From now till 30 Jan 2011, every Wednesday to Friday at 8.30pm
Saturday and Sunday 5.00pm & 8.30pm.

Admission: Ticket prices ranges from $48 to $188 and could be bought at
  • SISTIC outlets
  • Resort World Sentosa Reservation Booking Engine
  • Universal Studios Singapore Guest Service Windows 5 &6 daily from 10am to 7pm.

It’s a show suitable for the whole family to enjoy as it educates us about life and why we should treasure it. Everyone regardless of age will definitely be mesmerized by the acrobats, stunts, songs and the meaning behind the show. Why give this a miss when it's a show and more! Book your tickets quick to see the cast out in action!


Valentino Retrospective (Past/Present/Future)
If you are someone who's all about fashion and is one huge fan of Valentino, here's what we have for you. Have you always wanted to see Valentino’s mastery of the elegant line, classic form and opulent detail of exquisite haute conture garments?

Your eyes are in for a treat now! First ever in Asia, Resort World Sentosa exclusively brings you Valentino, Retrospective: Past/Present/Future. Developed by Les Arts Décoratifs of Paris and produced by TWISE (S) Pte Ltd.

What to expect? 100 haute couture creations from the 1959 by Valentino Garavani to the 2008 collection marking the beginning of a new era for the Valentino Maison under the two current creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli. Don't worry, yours eyes aren't playing a fool out of you. This is what you will see for real if you're at the exhibition.

This exhibition features many sophisticated designs coveted by Hollywood celebrities and the high society. These exquisite conture pieces are once worn by Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Elizabeth Taylor to name a few.

Where: Resort World Convention Centre, Level B1

When: 22 December 2010 to 13 February 2011
Sunday to Thursday from 11am to 8pm
Friday to Saturday/eve of public holidays and holidays from 11am to 11pm

Admission: Tickets are $12 each and can be bought at all SISTIC outlets

This show is seven weeks long and it promises to take you into a world of timeless glamour and elegance with the display of the beautiful dresses that has been worn and adored by so many famous people. It’s definitely a must see for everyone, (even if you're not a fan of Valentino) as these are fashion pieces that will never go out of trend and is a sure eye opener. Doesn't this gives you a reason to get on the next flight for Singapore?

With the quiet background at the exhibition, one will be able to clearly enjoy and admire those classic fashion pieces with a peaceful state of mind. The organizer has also displayed those dresses in a way that you will definitely find it more pleasant. Dresses are placed in clear transparent cases with a black background, the contrast effect that arises will bring the essence of the dresses out for you to fully be transported into another world where fashion comes alive.

Here are some works of Valentinos and if you want to see more close up, get the tickets to the exhibition right away for time waits for no one and there is only 7 weeks to the end of this exhibition.


  1. Bring a jacket/cardigan along as the concert theatre and exhibition room might be a little cold after a while
  2. Have a meal before attending these events as I'm sure you won't be able to fully appreciate the works/shows if your stomach starts to annoy you.
  3. There will be admission fee into Resorts World Sentosa and since you've already paid for it, fully make use of it by heading to Sentosa for a second part of fun and action! Pack extra clothing and towels if you're planning for a trip to the beach at Sentosa later on.

These are just 2 out of the many events that are held in Singapore in the Arts and fashion sector and Singapore's events calendar are filled with more events of that sector for you to anticipate and look forward too! Wait no more for Singapore is waiting for your arrival!

Credits to Google and the official websites of these programmes

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