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- For 18 years & above

It's time to put on your
PARTY HATS and GROOVE to the beat with...

ZoukOut - A Dance Music Festival
10 years on... Celebrating 10 years of great music, love and unforgettable memories

This is an event when you rock the phrase 'the night's still young'
Itching for a great night out with a non stop party overnight? Let us introduce you to ZoukOut! ZoukOut is held every year in December and it's the region's most important outdoor beach dance music festival at Siloso Beach, Sentosa! It's time to let your hair down and party your night away with the best music and a great place to keep the party groovin' at this annual extravaganza! ZoukOut will bring socializing to a brand new level which you have to attend to experience.

This festival is not only a local's favourite but also a tourists' favourite! This will give you a benchmark how popular this party is with the crowd being the most eagerly anticipated event of the year. The party will start from 8pm all the way to 8am. You will be offered new musical perspectives and awesome debut acts that will guarantee you a night to rock away. It's not just the local bands that will be presented to you but also international bands that will be coming right down to Siloso Beach to join you at the party!

Every year, ZoukOut gives it's die hard fans something new to look forward to with no exception to ZoukOut 2010. It brings in multi-platinum selling artiste, a most sought after music producer David Guetta. Feeling insanely excited just be seeing his name? There's so much more to get enthusiastic with! There will be awesome visual effects to enhance your party mood and

Who knows what ZoukOut 2011 could bring us when ZoukOut 2010 got our hearts throbbing with delight.

Here's what ZoukOut 2010 brought the party goers:
  • Laidback Luke
  • Norwegian Hans - Peter Lindstrom
  • Australian trio - Midnight Juggernauts
  • Booka Shade
  • And so much more!
Time to explode your ears with rhythm and rhyme.

This is what we've got in ZoukOut 2010. Details for Zoukout 2011 are still not out but we are extremely positive that it's going to be a blast like it has always been! You can never expect anything mundane from ZoukOut.

ZoukOut has never failed to give anyone an out of the world sensation for the past years! Other than partying hard, ZoukOut gives you the oppurtunity to meet so many kinds of people from different parts of the globe. Yes, Zoukout is one of the most anticipated events in the world. With its state of the art sound system and it's excellent flair in giving all party-goers a great time, ZoukOut is one party that you cannot miss if you're all in for a good party.

If you're already making plans in your mind to get the tickets and head for Singapore for the next Zoukout, here are some tips just for you.

Wondering if you should drive?

There’s pros and cons in driving. The main problem would be finding parking. If you really have to drive, we would advice you to go in early to find parking. Do take note that there will be at least 20,000 people and probably 10% of them would consider driving. Good luck in finding a parking lot! According to the official ZoukOut website, parking is available at:

- Beach Station Car Park

- Imbiah Lookout Car Park
- Cove Arrival Plaza Car Park

If you really really really have to drive, please carpool instead. Sentosa is charging $7 per car entry from 7pm to 7am and $5 flat for per car park entry. It makes economical sense to carpool instead and more efficient too!

If not, Singapore's transportation will guarantee you a fast, cheap and easy transport to your destination!

If you’re not driving…

Getting out of the island would be a damn hassle. If you’re a Blackberry user, we would advice you to download iCabSG Singapore Cab Dialer. All of the taxi numbers in Singapore are saved in this application and there’s given an option to “6-Dial-Cab” where you’ll be put through to the first cab company that answers. You can also download Show Nearby. This app indicates the bus services, bus timings etc.

We believe a good place to get a taxi would be at the Siloso Point Taxi Stand which is located opposite of the Underwater World bus stop.

Wondering what to wear?

As much as it’s a party, do remember it’s a BEACH party. Wearing jeans and high heels ain’t gonna sit well with you. If you like to torture yourself and enjoy a high from abrasions, please go ahead by all means.

Our advice would to wear something comfortable. Nothing way too covered up, cause you will be sweating like mad. (with about 20,000 people dancing away, the cool night breeze won't go too far in helping cool down) We would go with shorts and a bareback/tank/netted top or a light beach dress. Honestly, go with slippers or jellies. Sand in one’s shoes certainly ain’t sexy. Or comfortable.

Wondering what to bring?

Try not to bring way too many things. Ideally you should just bring your IC, some cash and the ZoukOut tickets. But we know that’s almost impossible for camwhores (people who like to take a lot of pictures) like us. There might be lockers around but most probably there wouldn’t be many available ones and might be a distance away. Carry a small sling bag if you really have to lug some items.

If lugging a camera is too much of a hassle for you, remember to clear some space from your mobile phone so that you can capture pictures on that day. Has anyone tried Qik Live Video Streaming? Wondering if you should consider live streaming. Hmmm.

Freebies for you?

Who'll say no to freebies? This is what ZoukOut 2010 has in store for their ticket holders.
Did you know that Crocs feeling generous and decided to give out party packs? (click on the link for more details)
Thankfully one of our team members is on their mailing list and she found out about this great info! A towel would definitely be handy after the party. We hear that Singtel is offering free flow of drinks between 8-11pm for the first 400 Singtel customers at the Singtel Kaleidoscope. If you’re not a Singtel customer, fret not! Citibank card members enjoy 10% off tickets (if you have not purchased your tickets) and 1-for-1 drinks from 8-1 pm. If you are a Citi Clear Platinum card user, you’ll enjoy priority entry VIP and free flow drinks at the Citi Clear Platinum VIP marquee from 8-10pm. It’s only valid for the 1st 50 card members btw. You’ll get to bring a guest in too!

That's a lot of freebies and I'm sure with ZoukOut 2011 there will be more promotions you will get to enjoy.

It would also be best to drink before heading there. Drinks there aren’t cheap and from previous experiences, tend to be pretty watered down.

What if you get lost?

It would be best to discuss with your friends on a ‘emergency meetup area’. Set a certain area to meet just in case you guys get separated or *touch wood* a fight happens and everyone has to clear the area. We would suggest setting 2 meet up locations. One within ZoukOut and the other outside just in case. Do take note that the lines might be jammed up and contacting your friends by mobile might prove impossible. And the huge crowd there isn't going to help much.

Wondering about the weather?

As we all know, the weather is like a fickle grandmother. It would be best to waterproof your gadgets. We would advise you to ziplock your phone and camera, just in case!

And you may wanna reconsider that white outfit just in case it rains. Unless you’re wearing a nice bikini underneath of course.

Wondering what time your favourite DJ would be appearing?

You can always double check at ZoukOut's website or at the party itself.

Still undecided? Here are some photos and a video from ZoukOut 2009 for you to catch a quick glimpse of how much fun awaits you!

| More pictures available here, from one of Zouk's main photographers |

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now at SISTIC.
Now, go have fun! Just remember not to get too drunk. It’s not sexy when you’re all wasted and not enjoying the party.
See you guys there!!!

DJ got us falling in love.


End your year with a BANG! Celebrate 2011 in Singapore!!!

Dress up in your party gear, round up your friends, and count down to 2011 with us at The Float @ Marina Bay!

There is nothing as exciting as welcoming the new year! Countdown for 2011 at The floating platform, Marina Bay is a nation wide celebration that brings people form all walks of life together and connects them by their wishes for the New Year.

At the stroke of midnight, everyone would be in for treat for there will be a vibrant display of fireworks along the bay, choreographed to music composed specially for the event, so be there to soak in the atmosphere.

It's not just all about the captivating fireworks and the counting down to the new year we're talking about. Move your body to the music and performances with the amazing line-up of regional music acts. You'll find yourself rocking to music from local bands and international artistes!

Dance your new year away with famous DJs that will play the most popular dance hits!

Besides that, a unique aspect of Marina Bay Countdowns are the white wishing spheres that you will see floating on the bay. Throughout December, everyone are invited to pen their New Year wishes on wishing spheres at wishing station located around the island which will be released into the bay on New Year.

This year, 20,000 of these wishing spheres, all marked with the hand-written wishes, will be floated onto the waters and become part of a visual art to beautify Marina Bay now known as the Bay of Hope and Light with the wishing spheres floating in them.

And if all that didn't excite you enough, here are some photos from last year's countdown to get your excitement going.

Make Singapore your countdown destination for we're waiting to celebrate with you here!

Tips for Countdown 2010/2011.

Go light.

Bring only necessary items with you such as mobile phone, wallet, IC, tickets and most importantly a camera. This reduces the risk of theft and also reduces the bulk as hampers will be given out. This will also quicken the queue for security check!

Strive for comfort.

Avoid dressing up. The area would definitely be hot and stuffy so tone down your dressing. You do not want to perspire in your expensive clothes.

Park near an MRT station.

Imagine 10 000 people going for the Marina Bay Countdown and the 25% who would consider driving in? Not good. There are limited parking lots in the town area especially one near the Float@Marina Bay so it is advisable to park near an mrt station and take a train to town. It also goes easy on the spending. Transport timing would be extended so you don;t have to worry about not being able to catch the last bus home.

Wait till the crowd clears.

If you have young kids under 4 years old, don’t head for the exit immediately after the parade. The stairs are a ‘killer’ for the children, and they will be in danger of trampled upon after the parade. So, wait till the crowd clears, when the Parade ends! This is not a day for you to be Kiasu!

Party in style and kick off 2011 with an unforgettable night jam packed with 7 hours of non-stop entertainment at Singapore!!! It's all you need for a brand new year!

Party away in Singapore with such cool events. Make Singapore your party destination!

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