Monday, November 22, 2010


One of the events that just ended with an awesome response with sold out tickets for certain performing acts attracts people from all over the world is Singapore Sun Festival!

It's a music, food and wellness and lifestyle event which is very popular with the crowd in Singapore and overseas. The event that branches out to different performances and galleries is held at different places at different days and timings based on the category of the sub event around Singapore. This would also allow participants of the event to be able to travel around Singapore and explore the different places that contains their own unique rich history. This will give you the chance to tour around Singapore and to attend wonderful events that links to living wellness.

Some of the events of this festival are free. Which means you can participate in certain events without having to purchase tickets! An example of a free public event would be the MOON SALUTATION @ ACM GREEN.

So you can grab your yoga mat and head over to the Asian Civilization Museum Green for a fruitful experience and lots of fun! Go with your friends for a catch up over a good workout!
It's totally free so why not?

Famous chefs, yoga instructors and performers from all over the world will be in town for this festival and you are in for a treat! With a festival that caters to living wellness, you are sure to find an event that is of your interest, so don't hesitate or not all the tickets for that particular event would be gone by then!

This is the 4th year that The Sun Festival is held in Singapore, and if there's a 5th be sure to grab your tickets quick! For public events that do not require any tickets, do join them! It's an festival you wouldn't want to say no for anything!

P/S: There is a phrase that says the early bird catches the worm. So buy your tickets early as there are early bird discounts! (up to 15% discount subjected to certain concerts and events)

Attention to all shopaholics!
Buying something on sale is a very special feeling. In fact, the less I pay for something, the more it is worth to me. I have a dress that I paid so little for that I am afraid to wear it. I could spill something on it, and then how would I replace it for that amount of money? -Rita Rudner

This is definitely one event you will never want to miss out! The Great Singapore Sales! This is an island wide sales event that almost all shopping malls are participating in. It's a great time and excuse to go shopping without having to worry about burning a huge hole in your pocket! Get your shopping bags ready (it's good to be environmentally friendly and shop at the same time!) and head out for 8 weeks full of shopping to your heart's content!

It's hard to resist the tempting offers that are offered everywhere in Singapore! From fashion, to electronic gadgets to food to hotel stays and so much more, you'll be so spoilt for choices! With items you can get at such low prices, why wait? Come on down and join everyone to battle it out for that cardigan you've been eying on but with a brand new price tag you cannot resist!

And if you are worrying about not having enough time to get all those good bargains, no worries! Certain shopping malls do extend their opening hours till late night (about 11pm) so you can do your late night shopping in your blissful state of mind.

To get further discounts, visit The Great Singapore Sales. Special offer coupons can be printed out to get extra discount that will bring a wide smile to your face. And if you are a tourist, extra benefits and more discount can be find at the website! You can have your own tourist privilege card that will give you even more privileges at the stores as long as you flash them with your passport!

Based on personal experience and countless feedback from everyone that has spent more than usual on a shopping trip during the sales period, this is the sales that can spare less thoughts for your wallet. Everything is a good buy and so worth it!

Credit buying is much like being drunk. The buzz happens immediately and gives you a lift.... The hangover comes the day after. -Joyce Brothers
The Great Singapore Sales is held yearly around May to July, so if you missed it, not to worry, there's always another chance to go for your long awaited retail therapy that does not cause you to worry too much about 'The hangover' with items going at a cheaper rate!

Tip: Try to go grab those insanely unbelievable bargains on a weekday. You wouldn't want to get involved in a cat fight over that last piece of item you've set your eyes on. Stocks do run out quick during sales! The weekend crowd can also be quite difficult to handle and long queues for the fitting rooms are inevitable!

See you in Singapore!

Credits to Google and Weheartit

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