Monday, November 22, 2010

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Want to do some sight seeing and shopping at the same time in Singapore? Visit Singapore during our festive season then! When the streets of Singapore would be beautifully lit up to further enhance your experience in Singapore!

Place to go: Orchard

Christmas is one of Singapore's festival to celebrate. With Christmas just around the corner, Orchard Road is definitely going to be a place to go for the spectacular light up. Everyone will be amazed by the spectacular light decorations that are diffused across the immaculate black sky. This will add on to the joyous festive occasion!

Not just that, there will be sales all around Singapore and Orchard Road is the place to find most of the biggest shopping malls in Singapore. It's the largest shopping district in Singapore and the light decoration is an added bonus to enhance your shopping experience. You will bound to enjoy your trip there for easy Christmas shopping with so many different stores selling so many different things. From clothes to toys or home decorations! Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones will be less of a headache this Christmas!
If you are lucky, you can even catch Santa and his elves walking down the street!
That is definitely a photo opportunity! Get your cameras ready and 'say cheese' for the camera to capture that very special and beautiful moment where Christmas comes alive on the streets of Singapore!

If you want to just enjoy the scenery and the view, Singapore's largest mall will just be able to grant you your wish! The biggest Christmas Tree will be up and for all to enjoy at Vivocity! The tree is about 30m in height! From the sky park at Vivocity, you would also be able to see Sentosa that is just opposite! The sky park will also be nicely decorated for Christmas and the large pool with depths that will not go above your knee will be warm and nice to just soak your feet in or take a walk around the park in that pool. The night view is fantastic along with the cool breeze that only makes things so much better.

Vivocity, being the biggest mall in Singapore also means that you can to shop till you drop in the day and relax and enjoy the nicely lit up sky park at night!


Place to go: Little India @ Serengoon

Walking through Serengoon road is really a magnificent experience during this festival. It seems as if the roads have come alive and we have reached a totally different place and this certainly show us that, Deepavali also known as the Festivals of lights does live up to it's name. Women are dressed in their new intricately embroided Saris with their hands painted with henna (is a flowering plant used to dye skin, hair, fingernails and even leather and wool) art, welcoming the festivals by lighting up their houses with Diyas which are made of clay, fueled with Oil from Coconuts or Mustard or Ghee (clarified butter), the wick made of cotton wool. This indeed marks the celebration of light overcoming darkness.

p/s: Henna is akin to a temporary tattoo. So if you want a beautifully detailed tattoo that can last up to a week, do allow the artisans at the street to do henna for you! Their wonderful skills will give you a delightful surprise! Be careful and let the henna dry first to ensure the perfection for the final outcome!

Here's a quick summary of how Deepavali came about!
Deepavali has a very rich history and legends in which the most common one is the tale of how
Narakasura won the favor of God and was blessed with the rule of a kingdom. He ruled his kingdom with tyranny, which led his subjects to appeal to Lord Sri Krishna, the divine ruler of Madura, for help. Narakasura was subsequently was killed by Lord Krishna in battle and on Lord Krishna’s return, the city was in complete darkness as it was the night of a new moon. To celebrate his victory and to welcome Lord Krishna, the people lit lamps, and to this day, Hindus mark the victory of Lord Krishna over King Narakasura by lighting oil lamps. Isn't this tale intriguing and make you feel as though you must come over and take a look at this beautiful street? You should! For an experience and view you will never forget and even dream about it in your sleep!

For two weeks the whole stretch of Serangoon road and little India becomes an explosion of vibrant, colourful arches and lights. It is too extravagant to be expressed in words. The hustle and bustle in the bazaars would make anyone from other races to join in and celebrate the festival. In the bazaar there are many festive stalls that are vividly decorated with wares such as fragrant flowers, garlands.

Every street, every lane along Serangoon road you will find people celebrating, their eyes captured with happiness, dreams and many hopes for the new year. You will see the Hindus sharing their happiness by exchanging gifts and wishing others prosperity in the new year. They forget all grievances and misunderstandings for the day and celebrate the festival wholeheartedly. It's such a happy festival that will bound to lift your spirits and join in the celebration! You can even try the mouthwatering Indian delicacies especially the sweetmeats that melt in your mouth. It is the best time to taste the Indian delicacies where people put all their love into making the delicacies. You would regret missing the delicacies that is oh so good during this festive season. lickin yummy Pictures, Images and Photos

The highlight of this festival is at night where the whole stretch of road is lighted up and decorated. The scenery is totally jaw dropping. It becomes even brighter when people start burning firecrackers. This enhances the atmosphere of celebrations. People celebrate this festival to the fullest each year. It is indeed a celebration of good over evil, and light overcoming darkness.

  1. You might want to consider bringing an umbrella with you as December in Singapore might be a little rainy
  2. Travel light if you're planning to shop till you drop or not you'll end up lugging your personal belongings and your shopping bags
So why wait! Come on down to visit this bustling city with so many events and festivals to celebrate!

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